What To Expect?

Initial Consultation – The first session will begin with 30 minutes of initial consultation where you can tell all about yourself and the reasons that brought you in. We will go through a questioner in order to get a better understanding of your fertility background, physical & emotional conditions and the functioning of different systems in your body.
Pulse and Tongue Diagnosis – The practitioner will feel the pulse at your wrists and look at your tongue. The results of these measurements will provide an indication about the different organs, systems and substances in your body.
Personal Diagnosis and treatment plan – The collected information will be analyzed by a professional registered practitioner. Then, you will be provided with an accurate diagnosis for your condition and an explanation for the recommended treatment plan using acupuncture and custom-made Chinese herbs for fertility. We will discuss and define our goals for the treatment and take the first step in your journey.
Shiatsu for Fertility – Every session you will experience Shiatsu for fertility in order to improve circulation in the body and certain areas related to your fertility, relax the muscles and decrease levels of stress. Shiatsu is a Japanese manual technique of pressure with full clothing – no oils.
Acupuncture for Fertility – The insertion of very thin sterile needles can help create a better circulation of blood in the body, balance hormonal levels (by affecting the pituitary gland in our brain), regulating the immune system and reduce levels of stress. Acupuncture can stimulate the creation of thick rich lining to maximize fertilization and improve the number and quality of follicles in the ovaries by providing better oxygen supply, blood flow and nutrients. Acupuncture and fertility help to balance different systems in the body in order to create a fertile environment and improve chances for pregnancy.
Moxa Lamp – Heat therapy using a Moxa lamp. Inside the lamp, there is a plate made out of Moxa herb (Artemisia argyi). This lamp generates heat over a certain location on the body in order to add energy, warm the body and increase circulation.
Chinese Herbs for Fertility – The professional practitioner will formulate custom made prescription of different herbs which are meant to balance and address the specific issues in your body and increase your natural fertile potential.
Basal Body Temperature (BBT) – Charting method that helps us to track your cycle and identify your fertile days. It provides an indication of your hormonal levels throughout the cycle and helps to locate the part of your cycle which is out of balance. The BBT is performed by measuring your baseline body temperature on the moment of waking up. Here is an example of a healthy BBT cycle.Basal Body Temperature-BBT-min
Education for fertility and lifestyle habits – Acupuncture for Fertility clinic believes in educating for a healthier life that has a direct impact on a person’s fertility. In our session, we will discuss your diet, exercise and sleeping habits. In addition, we will learn to identify your ovulation and fertile days and distinguish the different types of vaginal secretions.